About the Law of Adoration

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   The history of the human race records how smart we can be

and how destructive we can be....

how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Each week we’ve been talking about MYSTICAL LAWS TO LIVE BY....

and exploring the many Ways we can get to know the 'Spiritual us'....

the many ways we can encourage our Sublime Natures.

 Every day is a challenge as we work to re-enforce the Relationship we have with our Souls...

as we work to integrate that level of JOYFUL Spirituality into our daily lives, in simple, practical and logical, mystical and unique ways.

 We are coming to the Spiritual Point where it becomes less and less difficult for the 'human us' to defer to our Soul Partner.

 And to the degree we are succeeding in that, to that degree we are living more aware lives....more useful, more compassionate and sublime lives, Body and Soul. 

Our human minds are grasping the Idea of the human/Soul Partnership ....and we are beginning to cooperate with Godness in its Various Aspects.

 One day we’ll give up trying to “understand” it all, and just began to live in the Powerful Energy that throbs in our hearts.

We'll realize that what we’re feeling is the Power and the Love of God.

This is where we experience the Truth of the statement that God is Love.

 ...Where we realize that Love is the Highest Vibration of

 Supreme Beingness within Our Universe...

that It is the Power we call God.

 It is where we realize that Our Sacred Work is to take that Power and that Love

and use it to create a world where Peace can flower.

Understanding that this can only happen as we help each, as we love each other. So won’t you join me again in saying




Today’s program focuses on the Mystical Law of Adoration....the ancient and modern Pathway to a more Spiritual way of Life.

 But first, we’ll take this moment to again, get as quiet as possible ....

add another layer of Blazing White Light to the Wall of Invincible Protection we’ve placed around ourselves,

 sealing ourselves in our Quiet Place....

for the moment, closing the door on all outside activity.

It’s important to make sure this Wall of Light completely encloses us....we are standing in a Lighted Sphere....

the Light is under our feet and goes far over our heads, enclosing our Christed Body and I AM Presence.

 This is the picture we will always hold of ourselves....

Body and Soul protected within this Wall of Blazing Light....

Body and Soul enfolded in Christ Love, quiet and loved...and safe.  

Now we wrap all of this....

our entire selves, in the Loving Heart Light of Almighty God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling around it all.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

 and invite the Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Mind     

and into Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on earth

That all may become channels

For Light and Illumination,

 Peace, Healing and Love to descend to earth.

All right.... Now to address the Law of Adoration.

In America we are not prohibited from studying every philosophy on Earth and choosing how we will worship and adore the Greater Aspects of Life.

 We are free to choose what works for us. Whereas in other times....and today in other cultures, we could not think or act outside the religious or political box without dire consequences.

Today there are very few people who do not worship Life, visible and invisible, in some way. We can be thankful for that.  

And so in these programs, I have been describing basic Spiritual Ideas and Ritual that work within any religion or philosophy....

obeying the Cosmic Command of the Day which says


Today there are many, loud ungodly religious and political voices on the planet,

 speaking directly to the people or through the world wide media, newspapers and television....

exhorting and implementing ideas of war like behavior....

and sometimes it seems that the human world is arrayed against all things good and true....

Still if enough of us add our voices to the Dedicated, Awakened People who are working in Partnership with their Souls, we can swell the ranks of those who have joined forces with the Higher Echelons of Light....

man and God working together to overcome the darkness

that remains on this planet...

doing it with Light.     

Today we are seeing, ungodliness, ancient and modern, in the form of diabolic terrorism, being delivered right to our doorsteps.

Those who Love the Handiwork of God are being asked to stand up and speak out against this insanity of our time...

Thus, there are many calling to God for help in these days....

asking and invoking Help for those caught in the dark, obscenity that rules in large parts of both the visible and invisible  world.  

Despite all that dismays us, many believe this is the moment in time when the WORLD CAN BE SAVED from the darkness of hate and ignorance....

that it hinges first on understanding the dark forces that are working against mankind....

and then, on our understanding and caring about humanity and civilization....about all that is lost if evil succeeds. 

It depends on how many stand up and speak for God....

and pledge their support to those Souls and Great Beings of the Heaven

 Worlds Who are helping this Planet wherever the Cosmic Law allows.

 Darkness can be eliminated by Light.

If we will declare ourselves,

 and if we give whatever Service we are capable of giving,

the Power of Heaven will be poured out upon us to expand our efforts.

 I believe it is entirely possible to have Victory over the darkness

 on this Planet once and for all....

I believe many of us have come to help in this great battle for Enlightenment in this period of time.

and that Great Powers of Godness are Blessing our efforts....

efforts that are intended to improve all Life on this Planet

I believe our simplest efforts will be multiplied.

I believe that God loves simplicity in all things....

and that our simple, heart felt Love and Concern for our fellow man

ignites the Fires of Love in God’s heart.

Wars are made possible by foul human consciousness manipulated by evil human beings....

those wars are in direct opposition to the Will of God,

which is that each man should love his brother as himself.  

The time has come when evil people and organizations can no longer use Religions as the excuse for murder.


All real religion, all Spiritual People worship the same Spirit,

the same Power of Supreme Godness.

 All worship One Invisible Cosmic Power

Call It what they will.

New Spiritual Doctrines are being lowered into our world and will soon be the Law of our Planet.

These Doctrines will no longer allow people to wage wars of extermination against others, simply because their religion is different. People of this mind-set will not be allowed to embody again on this Planet. 

Now let’s talk about the Law of Adoration

For within that Concept is the Answer to all human problems....

For it is impossible to be adoring God

while having Ideas of mayhem and murder in our minds.

. Mankind is now being given the Choice of obeying the Natural Laws of God or being removed from the planet.

 We have come to 'that time' foretold when men are being forced to change their ways of looking at Life....forced by circumstances, Natural and manmade, they cannot control.

 God is once again offering Divine Law to mankind....

Freedom, Peace and Harmony founded on Laws established by God. 

There has been designed into the human consciousness the ability to know the difference between 'right and wrong'....the difference between 'human opinion and Divine Law'.

 Within each individual there is a Knowledge that exists as a Sense of Morality that man calls his 'conscience'. Over and above that there is another layer of 'Spiritual Conscience' that speaks to man....

That is the Voice of his Soul....

The Soul that is the Spark of Mind or Consciousness of the Christed Self.

Those who seek after 'goodness'

 find It in that Voice.

 Over the ages we have had many 'Teachers'. There have always been Those sent to instruct the human in affairs of the Soul....while instructing the Soul in the art of evolving through the human/Soul Relationship.

'Jesus' embodied to be the Example of the Type of Moral Perfection mankind was to aspire to and was finally to attain on Earth.

 He offered this Teaching to us for our consideration...explaining and demonstrating a Doctrine that is the Purest Expression of the Divine Law.

Mankind has gone far astray in its thinking....having forgotten its Soul Partner and the Divine Laws meant to regulate the Life of the embodied Soul. Humanity no longer understands that the Soul is intended to regulate the physical body or that the Body was developed to serve the Soul.

 A thick veil of human mis-understanding covers Knowledge of Divine Law and has been the cause of much of the error perpetrated on this Planet.  

We’ve never been without Truth.

Bits of It can be found within most religions, even those with the most convoluted religious practices.


Divine Law came to Earth with the advent of Souls on this planet.

 God Truth and Spiritual and Moral Precepts have been proclaimed in all ages.

 And age after age Great Ones have come, again and again to refresh mankind's open our eyes and confound our pride and unmask our hypocrisy.

Now in our time, at the start of a new cycle ,

we are turning the page to a New Chapter

and again, Great Ones are here to furnish Simple Explanations that will make it impossible for men to continue to interpret God’s law according to their human passions....

or pervert the Meaning of what is wholly a Law of Love and of Kindness.


In our time the Simple Aspects of Supreme Truth are being made available and intelligible for all. 

In our time, we are to acknowledge what is good and what is evil ....

we are to believe in...and Adore a just and loving God....

We are to desire Righteousness above all else.

Today we have almost universal education and thus,

 most people today, have enough knowledge to be able to do this.

 Natural, Divine Law defines our needs.

When we overstep our limits, we suffer....

but if we listen to our Soul Voice, we can avoid what we call our problems.

 I find it very interesting to think that the Soul was created, very Simple in Consciousness, originally single focused on God, and free to choose Its Path in order to acquire experience.

 It has been through our experiences with others that many mistakes have been made.

 During the past thirty years, it has seemed to me that relationships have been and continue to be what our life experiences are about. It is clear that most of us are being furnished many opportunities for getting 'relationships' right. That we have so many 'opportunities' would indicate an important 'learning' process going on.

Thus, we pray not to be blinded by human self will nor selfishness in our relationships.

To remember that 'Doing good' should be our religion....

and being our Brother’s Keeper should not be restricted to small charities....

but to everything we do within our personal relationships

 and indeed within society as a whole

as we choose to be useful to the full extent of our ability and power....everyday and wherever we may be needed.


I want to talk now about a book that seemingly just 'fell into my hands' about ten years ago while I was running a business errand. Along the way I passed a book store.

The car seemed to stop and park itself, while I, without thinking, ran into this store, wondering why I was there and what I was looking for. A very attractive young woman asked if she could help me.....and I told her that I just wanted to look around and see if there was a book, or books I might want to take home.

 She looked at me in a quiet sort of way, and then said, “I know why you’re here” And she went off and came back a few minutes later with a I might never have picked out....

”This is the book you’re here for”.

 She handed me a book, one that was published originally in French in 1857. It’s title was THE SPIRITS’ BOOK. 

 It turned out to be an accumulation of Spiritual Information, many new Ideas for its time, and from various sources.

It was Information that had been studied and collated into this book by a man whose pseudonym is Allan Kardec.

 One hundred and fifty years later, it is still an important book.

 It is written in the form of human questions addressed to more evolved Minds.....and is altogether a delightful, informative book.  

One section addresses the Division of God Law into ten parts....starting with the Law of Adoration, then labor, reproduction, preservation, society, equality, liberty, justice, love and finally charity.  ....and in that book I found confirmation to many intuitive Ideas I hold about our relationship to God and to each other.

Today I continue to share some of those Ideas, adding quotes directly from THE SPIRITS’ BOOK. 

One of the most important issues we face as human beings is learning to control our attention....

remembering always that where our attention is, that is, what we are thinking and feeling...

.what our eyes rest upon....

what our ears hear...

what we are saying or doing,

 where our attention is, there we are.

 So this is where Adoration of God can enter into our lives in a practical as well as Spiritual Way. We may ask, “How does Adoration serve both God and us?

The answer is that through Adoration of any Aspect of God, in any manner, the Soul is not only drawing nearer to God....but is simultaneously drawing Godness onto the Earth plane.  

And quoting from our book, “True adoration is always in the heart. In all your actions remember that the Master’s eyes are always upon you.” End of quote. Here he was referring to 'the Master Jesus'. 

Quoting "All external Acts of Worship are useful if they are sincere....if we Worship from the heart, doing what is good and avoiding what is evil".

"We don't have to be told that all men are brothers.

We know we are called  to follow His (God's) Laws, whatever may be the form under which we show our obedience.

 He who professes to worship Christ and who is proud, envious and jealous, who is hard and unforgiving to others, or ambitious of the goods of earth, or is religious with the lips only, and not with the heart....

that God sees all this....and will say  “he who knows the Truth and does not follow It, is a hundredfold more guilty in the evil he does than the ignorant savage. And will be treated accordingly in the day of retribution."  

I have never believed that one Form of Worship is more acceptable than another....nor would argue as to whether it is more pleasing to God to be worshipped in one tongue rather than in another.

 My Belief is that our loving thoughts, prayers and hymns addressed to Him, reach Him through the Door of our Hearts wherever we happen to be, regardless of time or place. 


In another program I rationalized how our thoughts or feelings, focused on the Supreme Being are always a Prayer.

 And if offered in Faith, are always an Act of Adoration.

 For to pray to God is to think of Him....

likewise , to think of God is to pray.

And however we describe it, the Action always draws us nearer to Him.

 And God, in One or More of His Individuated Forms, always draws closer

 to us when we praise Him and give thanks

And that Power is present always when we ask for Assistance.


 I think Adoration in any Form, makes us stronger and gives us confidence, especially when we feel we must ask for Help.

 I believe Divine Help is never refused when we ask with loving sincerity.

Prayers are an interesting form of Adoration, in that they have the Power to help us see ourselves as God sees us.

 And contrary to what many people think,

prayers do not have to have any particular form ...

they do not have to be long....

they just have to serve the Purpose of putting us in touch with

the Source of our Being. 

A question posed in the THE SPIRITS’ book is whether there is any use in asking God to forgive us our faults. We know that our faults show up as darkness or discoloration in our Energy patterns, and in lowered vibration.

 We’ve discussed the meaning of the quality of the Energy....the Energy  that is our own Life.

All Levels of Greater Godness, all who can see Energy, know us by the quality of our Energy....and in the book the One answering this question affirms this Idea by saying,

“God discerns the good and the evil. Prayer does not hid faults from His eyes. He who asks of God the forgiveness of his faults obtains that forgiveness only through a 'change of conduct'. Good deeds are the best prayers, for deeds are more worth than words".

Another question....”Can we, by praying for ourselves, avert our trials or change their nature?

And the answer given to us is, “that our trials are in the Hands of God and there are some of them that must be undergone to the very end. But God always takes account of the resignation with which they are borne.

 Our prayer bring us into contact with good Spirits, or other Souls, who give us the strength to bear our problems with courage....making them seem less severe.

Payer is most useful when it’s sincere, because it gives us strength which is of itself, an important result.

 “Heaven helps him who helps himself, is a true saying.” 


Much has evolved in the World of Spirituality since the days when this book was written and the date of its writing brings up an interesting point.

There is the warning given through one of the prophets, that God would turn His Back on the ten, so-called missing Tribes of Israel.... that they would be known as “not my people” for a particular length of time because they had stopped obeying the Hebrew Laws of Abraham and Moses. And at the end of that time, their Working Relationship with God would begin again.

 They were scattered after the Assyrian captivity....and lost to history....and many people have used Biblical references to calculate when the Lost Tribes of Israel would again have God’s help and favor....the time some experts picked was sometime around 1850.  

And sure enough. When we begin to study the New Thinking coming onto  the planet, it begins about 1850....and the Spirits’ Book is one of the first to deliver the NEW INFORMATION.

 Since that time there have been New Teachers, directly taught by Evolved Masters of Light or by bringing in Information through channeling (intuiting) Information regarding the New Teaching. Much has been taught about New Dispensations....which are new Spiritual Directions and Information coming from the Higher Realms to help the human/Soul Partnership solve its problems.


We all have problems each one is responsible for....but some of those 'problems' cannot be solved without Higher Help....which is why 'Jesus' came two thousand years ago....and why He is again, One of the Heavenly Hierarchy working with mankind in our time.

He said He would never leave us!

In the early part of the 1900s the Hierarchy brought forth the Teaching of the Use of the Violet Flame. This Teaching was given to mankind through Guy and Edna Ballard, Information coming to them directly from the Master Saint Germain, Who first appeared to them and then gave much Instruction over the Light and Sound Ray.

 This Teaching continues to be taught through various other individuals the world over, many men and women who are teaching this and other Powerful Spiritual Laws.


Today those who can comprehend what this Updated Teaching of the Violet Flame means and who make the effort to use this Powerful Cosmic Flame, which has been little understood previously, these individuals can have a certain percentage of sticky, ugly energy burnt away.

This is a 'cleansing of Energy of the ages' that might otherwise take many embodiments to bring under control.

 The knowledge of the Violet Flame is a great Cosmic Gift...

But interestingly, it wasn’t yet known about at the time the 'Spirits' Book' book was published in the mid-1850s....Knowledge of the Violet Flame was information yet to come. 


Regarding karmic trials and tribulations, here are some interesting thoughts from our book....quote

“for what appears to be a great misfortune to you, from your narrow point

 of view and in relation to your ephemeral life on the earth, is often a

 great blessing in relation to the general order of the universe...And

 besides, how many of the troubles of life is man, himself, the author,

 troubles caused by his shortsightedness or through his wrong doing! He is

 punished in that wherein he has sinned. Nevertheless, your reasonable

 requests are granted more often than you suppose. You think your prayer

 has not been heeded because God has not worked a Miracle on your

 behalf. While in fact he has really assisted you, but by means so natural

 that they seem to you to have been the effect of chance or of the

 ordinary course of things. And more often still He suggests to your minds

 the thought of what you must do in order to help yourselves out of your

 difficulties” End of quote . 


I love those last words....'that God suggests to our minds what we must do in order to help ourselves'....

Today we know that God, in the Form of the indwelling Soul, is always right there, ready to instruct the human mind when that mind is ready and willing to accept instruction.

We know, if we have activated our human/Soul Relationship, we never lack for either Information or Direction. 

We are eternally grateful for all the New Information that has come to us through the last one hundred and fifty years.

We know it will continue to come until we are all ascended and free.


 As this New Information flows to us, new words are often needed to  clearly describe these unfolding Concepts of God and Soul. Sometimes I struggle to find the 'right word or description'.

Please remember that regardless of the words I use to express these Ideas, in speaking of God....or the Spark of God that is our Soul....or when we speak of Ascended Beings and Angels and other Invisible Messengers of God, we are always talking about the Individuated Energy Forms of the One Great Source of all Life to this Universe.

And remember that when we pray or Adore some Aspect of that Source, we are in touch with the Whole of that Aspect, through the Level of Godness that executes the Will of God in our particular need of the moment.

 Think on this:

There is only One Mind running this Universe....

we are only One Filament of that Mind, Whose Desires and Designs will ultimately be fulfilled...

and while our prayers and Adoration do much good and may help to reach many positive outcomes to problems....

still our desires can have no Heavenly Effect unless they are in Agreement with the ultimate Designs of Highest Godness....

which is why we pray, “Thy Will, not my Will”.  

However, we help ourselves and give an unknown amount of help to those we pray for. And we succeed best, when we remember to keep this Idea of the Will of God as the place to start in looking for answers...

and then use the Spiritual Avenues provided us to jump start the Cosmic Energy always provided for our needs.

We do this by acknowledging our inherent, inner Soulness....

then we move on to accessing our Christ Light

and conclude by calling in the Power of our Highest Godness

 which is our I AM Presence,

 asking It to take command of every aspect of our human/Soul Life.


 This places us in direct and proper alignment with The One Great Power of All That Is.

 And as we pray to help others, we are fulfilling the Christ Commandment to “Love one another”....using prayer as a means to demonstrate our sincere concern and affection for one another.

A question asked in the Spirits’ Book was whether our prayers have the Power to turn aside the Justice of God for another individual.

We are reminded that the 'Justice of God' exists within each of us...that we Souls Judge ourselves....and that in time, we clean up our own dirty energy.

However, someone praying for us gives us courage. We feel the comfort of that enfolding Love.

 There is also the help we can give to others when we stand as a 'witness' to their evolving and unfolding Soulness within the human journey....when we pray for them and 'love them', regardless of what may have happened due to human disobedience.

 Jesus prayed for the “sheep that have gone astray”.

 Can we do any less? 

So our Sacred Work is to focus away from our humanness and the humanness of our fellow beings.

 And instead, focus on our Adoration of all Spiritual Aspects of Life ....knowing our Life will follow our focus

and eventually lead us to a Life of Dignity....

one where we will be guided by the Highest Morality of our Soul....

one where we will work to free ourselves from earthly desires....

one where our Spiritual Passion is to breathe in the Purest Wisdom

 ....having only our improvement and the good of mankind as our highest priority.


The Moral Teaching we will follow will be that of Christ ....

doing unto others as we would that others should do unto us...

doing good to all and wronging no one.

 This Principle of Action furnishes us with an Universal Rule of Conduct.


 Additionally, we will remind ourselves often

 that giving in to selfishness and human pride will send us backwards

 re-enforcing the animal nature.

 While instead, through our Love of all that is God

 and our Love and Consideration of our fellow beings,

 we are 'ushering in' our Spiritual nature....

always making ourselves useful according to the Means placed in our hand,

knowing that as we become more able, Body and Soul,

 we owe aid and protection to those who require Help.


In our Adoration, we pledge to never mis-use our Knowledge, our strength and power to oppress any part of Life.

 We pledge to never again violate the Laws of God.

Finally, remembering that serious Answers to Life,

 come from a serious Pursuit of a Dream of Perfection.