About Meaning and Purpose

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

and how destructive we can be...

.how sublime 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 I continue to explore Spiritual Ideas with you.... practical Ideas to give our everyday lives more meaning as we weave humanness and Soulness together into a wonderful, creative tapestry that is our Life. 

While most of us accept the Idea of a Supreme Being, and we believe we are connected in some way, we are slower to accept the Idea that we are directly Connected through a Stream of Light coming directly from the Supreme Being, at the end of which is a Spark of Light...that Spark is a bit of the Mind of God....I call it Soul.

Our Imperishable Identity revolves around that Soul, currently embodied in our human form. The concept of a human/Soul Partnership hasn’t entered many minds....or how the Energy of the Supreme Being is channeled into the physical body for use on Earth. The human-us needs to understand our relationship to God,  if we, Body and Soul, are to fulfill our larger Purpose, which at the moment,  is to channel more Light to Earth.  

We bring Light onto the earth by expanding the energy of God in many small and great ways. If we are getting it right, we are bringing in the “Quality of Love” needed to insure our well being and the Peace and Freedom so long absent from this planet. For our sake and the sake of the peaceful future of all mankind. ...let’s all work to understand our purpose...please join me today in saying....


We are all so busy....modern life keeps us scurrying around, engaged in a multitude of activities....all very important to us. However, we are only getting it right, if our activities are in sync with the  Purposes of Infinite Intelligence. If we are getting it right, the Soul-us is providing the Mind of Infinite Intelligence needed by the human-us, who is providing the physical part of the equation for the Work to be done on Earth.

If we’re getting it right, we feel ourselves to be a human/Soul Partnership. If our lives feel empty, and we seem to be going nowhere....if life has no meaning, we can be assured that somewhere, sometime, somehow we put a wall between ourselves and our Souls....between ourselves and God.

 By our own free will action, in some way we disconnected from the Mind of God. leaving the physical Body without Higher Direction, Help or sense of Purpose. And as we look out on the world, we see we have a lot of company....there’s a demonstrable  lack of Higher Direction and Sense of Purpose in what we see going on planet wide.

But our Christed Soul doesn’t go’s Connection is always right there within us....and the Soul waits to be heard. And almost everyone has heard the quiet Voice....but our obtuse or often arrogant human nature refuses to listen....the Voice is drowned out by all the things the human-us just has to have or wants to do...or believes or won’t believe.

 It is incredible how many barriers we have put up between our human-selves and our Souls. There does come a day when we start putting the needs of God first....and when we do, we start by peeling off the layers and layers of human desire, belief and conceit....all that separates us from our Soul.

 However, as we begin to think of our selves as Souls....not just humans....we have to come to grips with the fact that through countless embodiments, we, the Soul, enjoyed being human and let the human mind become a powerful “know it all”. We allowed the pure energy given to us to become filled with lesser human consciousness...remember, we own all the energy ever given into our use....and are responsible for what we do with it....and each time we embody we deal with all that old consciousness as well as work on whatever new projects we’ve taken on....thus, the ups and downs of our lives....and why some lives never go anywhere and are filled with disaster and dismay. 

The human-us has nothing of its own.

 It has only the Energy that flows in on the Stream of Light direct from God....

and it is intended that that Energy will be governed and directed by us, the human, in partnership with the Soul.

 Now we are at an ending point of a cycle when prophecy and intuition say that the old Energy must be cleaned up and raised in frequency....

and in each Life experience there will come a point when the Soul can provide no more Energy to the physical body until the old is cleaned up....if this clean-up doesn’t happen, the physical body simply dies and the Soul retreats to whatever place It has earned for Itself in other be trained for the next experience wherever it happens to be.

You ask how can this be so? Remember free will....the meaning and purpose of our Greater lives is to expand Universal Godness.

 Soul is a bit of that Greater Life....and is placed in a human being who needs direction. While it seems strange that Souls do not have perfect control of the human vehicle....and it is clear that in many cases they do not....and as speculated above, perhaps because the Soul gets to enjoying the sensations and excitements of human life and give up exercising control over the human vehicle. 

But before we cast off the physical body this time, we can hope that the human-us will wake up....hopefully before the going gets too tough we’ll discover the Meaning and Purpose of Life....

and hopefully the Voice of the Soul will be heard to sing again through the human mind....

and the human being will begin to act on what it hears. Hopefully the human us will not want to continue calling the shots but will wish to listen as 'Godness' breaks down our self imposed walls of non-belief, disbelief or mistaken belief, our ignorance and conceit. Hopefully we will listen to the offer of a better and more meaningful Way to live.

I want to say again that much of my sense of the Meaning and Purpose of Life has come from studying the simple Ideas given us by Jesus. A good deal of His Teaching does not come through Christianity clearly....and so having come to that conclusion, I continue to study on my own, studying the Message of His Basic Teaching and finding It to be the most humane and practical direction for the Body

and mystical Instruction for the Soul.

Most religions today, fall far short of teaching what I believe they could or should teach about the Meaning and Purpose of Life, Body and Soul. Religions confuse their followers with a lot of “non-sequitur stuff”.

 However, most of them do offer a simple level of Belief and practice, a place to start figuring out what Life is all about....they offer their followers companionship along the way. And when people find they aren’t learning and growing within a particular church, they can branch out and begin the study of other religions....for each seems to have a part of the Answer. And finally when that has been assimilated, we 'go within' to ask for Higher Information and Direction. 

What I offer here, are Ideas that go beyond that basic teaching of current day religions. My thoughts can be added to all else one may believe and are for those who are ready to think beyond the basics.

These Ideas are for those who are looking for new expanded Ideas and for those who want to adventure into advanced Understanding about WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHY WE ARE REALLY HERE. And that understanding comes step by step and can’t be hurried.

 And as I offer this information, I hope it will be tried on for size....knowing it will resonate for some whose minds are ready for it. For others it won’t resonate....those should just let it flow over them. 

Getting back to my subject of Meaning and Purpose of Life....It’s hard to imagine why, in ancient times we would ever have given up the KNOWLEDGE OF WHO WE REALLY ARE....but mystical literature says we did.

Then I think of 'Jesus' coming again to help us ....for He has come many times, in many guises over the thousands of years.

 He came again to remind us that we are Sons and Daughters of God.

What a mighty Truth that could we ever forget it....

 and how could that information has been so twisted by modern Christianity that today much of mankind has been brainwashed into accepting the Idea of being hopeless sinners. It does appear there are 'forces' acting within human society, that don’t want people to think of themselves as Sons and Daughters of God. Who and what are these 'forces'?  

And of course it is easy to see why....

the Soul-God can’t be controlled....but the human can be misled....

Thus in time there came the conflicts between the human mind and the Inner Soul Mind. And so barriers have gone up between God and man.

 And this conflict goes a long way back ...back to the ages before mankind forgot WHO THEY REALLY WERE. Then over the ages the human who has always needed Guidance has evolved and grown strong in desires. The human-us was never intended to walk the Earth without strong Soul Support.

Without It we have no way of knowing about our real Purpose.

So its now time (again) for the human to 'wake up' and remember the Spark of God Consciousness that lives 'within' in the form of the Soul. The Soul must reassert control....Today it is the Soul Who cries out to God for Help, knowing that Help is always there.

There have been times when Information/Truth about our Soul Identity was taught openly on Earth....but then something happened and from then on that Truth was taught SECRETLY only to those ready to hear.

It became the basis on which most ancient religions were formulated. Mankind was taught the simple dogma/rules....and the priesthood and certain others became the Guardians of a more complete version ...and over time, what humanity was told become overlaid with human misconceptions and there began the deliberate withholding of information on the part of those responsible for teaching Spiritual Truth to the human being.

 And this holds true into our time.

 Now, we are turning the page to a new chapter and the title is The Age of Peace and Freedom and Truth. Now THE DOOR IS OPEN TO the Truth for those who care about TRUTH.

Now if we so desire we can learn the Truth of our Identity...


We can no longer be refused the Truth that WE ARE SPARKS OF HIGHEST GODNESS, SPUN OFF MILLENNIA AGO from a Supreme Source.



Perhaps as important, the time has passed when what we humanly 'want' will carry any weight....from now on, nothing will be allowed to stand in the way of what 'God' needs....this is a new Spiritual Age. 

It is an Age of communication....and everyone will be given sufficient Spiritual Information to allow anyone to understand what we call Soul or Higher Mind....or whatever we choose to call the level of Life that gives Energy and Direction to human affairs.

 Everyone will come to understand what the embodied 'Mind of God' is here to ACCOMPLISH. Any human mind that believes the physical body is all there is will be taught that there is more Purpose to Life than mere chance. It will disabuse the human mind of all Ideas that say there’s nothing before birth and nothing afterwards. It will educate the “eat drink and be merry crowd”.

 The Soul will inform the mind that the self centered control exerted by the powerful human mind has negatively impacted Life on Earth for will show the human partner 'human willfulness', 'human conceit'....'human arrogance....'human blindness'.

 For a very long time the Soul has had to wait for this time.......and now the wheel has turned and ignorance and deliberate disobedience to Universal Laws on this Planet, has come to an end. And each human being must choose whom to serve....God or man....

to choose to serve the Soul who lives, or the man who dies.

 And hopefully Awakening comes before humanity experiences situations that leave people without choices....experiences situations where people can do nothing for the human self....before many experience the death of the physical body before awakening to the Truth....before the Soul sees it cannot awaken its human partner.

For those who will not awaken to the Truth,

 the Soul will withdraw and the physical body will dissolve.

Great Teachers have come periodically to help the Soul and human being re-connect....I’ve always thought that was part of the Mission of Jesus....and that the “born again” feeling people talk of, whether through the Teaching of Jesus or Others, is the human experience of re-connecting with our Soul Self. It is described as a deep, religious feeling and may be the Ecstasy of both Body and Soul.

At any rate when that happens the Soul Mission on Earth can begin to go forward. There will soon be many more Connections and Re-connections, many Re-commitments to God, for it’s time for that to happen.

Now, following our pattern for re-connecting to our Life-line, let’s take a few moments to get as quiet as possible...again, today I encourage you to pull all your Energy in and around you....any that is not serving a good purpose It all back to you and seal It inside your aura

We have no idea how we leave our Energy scattered everywhere we go and around everything we do. So we’ll see It all magnetized back to serve us now.

We’ll reinforce that Wall of Powerful White Light outside our aura....around all our Energy....seeing our Energy expanded, purified and protected.

Then see ourselves standing in blazing Violet Light in the center of this protected Quiet Place, which is 'filling up' with Christ Love and Peace.

I like to see Angel Wings outside the my Tube of Light, completely sealing me off from anything that might be disturbing. From now on, this is the place we go for a moment of’s a Way to be quiet....a Way our Energy will always be safe and nurtured....

Now we'll see ourselves enfolded in the Heart Light of God

The Opalescent Christ Light spiraling around four Earth forms.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite the Cosmic Light of Supreme Godness to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

And into the Heart and Mind of every man, woman and child on Earth

That all may become clear Channels for Light and Illumination

 and Peace to descend to earth.           

Now back to our topic for this talk which focuses on the Meaning and Purpose of the human/Soul Partnership....helping us to get a sense of the importance of fully understanding the part this very practical Partnership is to play, in this unique turning point in the history of humanity. We are at a “fast forward” point of expansion of the Soul Flame here on this Planet.

 Thinking again about Meaning and Purpose of Life, have we wondered about all the various religious ideas over thousands of years....or wondered whether that was God talking to mankind for all these long ages.

 We know that Great Beings have come periodically to teach the ensouled human how to live on this Planet. Metaphysical literature tells of times of great Enlightenment....of good civilizations when mankind lived intelligently and well....times when war was unknown....when hatred was unknown.

Then there were the other times when some of mankind turned their backs on God....and these were times when Life for the human/Soul Partnership became precarious here.

 These were times when many humans struggled with both visible and invisible forces that couldn’t be controlled.

But always throughout all time, the indwelling Soul, has tried to educate the human mind to accept Invisible Help and thus there are records of the 'Gods' of ancient times. These were Great Souls who came to Earth to help in a visible way. We have the records found in the Bible...we have Jesus and the Buddha and other Great Ones. They all incarnated to teach the human mind about its Soul partner....

They came to offer hope to Souls who hadn’t been able to awaken their human partner.

And so the ages have passed....the long process of raising the vibration of this Planet and all Life here has continued.

 Little by little, the human/Soul Partnership has evolved....many of us walk that journey today, hopefully doing it with understanding and with great practicality, with one hand firmly grasping the Higher Hand.

 Some of us believe that if we will let It, that Higher Hand will lead the Partnership out of  the deepening Shadows of Earth’s Valleys....out of the darkness of human consciousness.....consciousness that is currently having the impurity of millions of Earth lives wrung out it. 

For as I’ve been saying every week, this is a time of change.

 A time of clean-up and renewal.

The old dark human consciousness is giving way to the New Hope. And though today problems we face seem huge to the human mind, they can be handled as each one of us does our part. Our job is to ask for more Cosmic Light to come onto the Planet.....and as we do that, the darkness will gradually disappear, the Energy of the Planet begins to glow with Light.

 And the problems get smaller. This is what the Powers that Guide this Planet are telling us and teaching us to do. 'God' knows the problems we face today....visible and invisible, for there are both....and knows they can be handled if man will work with God to completely dissolve and consume problem energy from the face of the Earth forever.

I remember hearing my father say that One with God was a majority and if we stayed God focused and centered, we would get through difficult times. And nothing could be more True in these difficult times. 

Now its just a matter of staying centered and grounded in our own Spirituality....and allowing the Greater Powers of the Universe Whose Project the human/Soul Partnership use us in any way They can.... remembering we are only responsible for doing what we can do.

 In the Vision of Jesus I described to you, where I was asked to “take this Message out and keep it simple” and to start the process in the greater San Francisco, California area. I have wondered why this was chosen as the place for these thoughts to begin to go forth. Perhaps it was because Oakland, California was the place of my birth and perhaps it was because many years of family life was lived there and a lot of my Energy is there.

 Whatever the reasons, the San Francisco area is a very special place....metaphysical literature talks about six previous civilizations there in times long forgotten....about seven hills....about ancient cities that looked like the San Francisco of today. Perhaps many of us hearing this today are people returning to a place we have loved in the past....and today we are here to Renew that Love and help this region to grow.

In the first programs I focused on information we need to have in order to understand our human selves....

 and followed that with Information about WHO WE REALLY ARE...and about the human/Soul Relationship. Each week I have offered Spiritual Ideas that I believe do work for us in any time, but especially so as we live our lives in today’s atmosphere of uncertainty.

 Today many people are in dire need of understanding what is going on in our national, international and municipal lives. Life on Earth is not getting simpler....and we are face to face with problems posed by the worsening state of the economy, by the threats of terrorism in our land and the possibility of a spreading religious war, world wide.....shades of the middle ages....

We wonder if what we face is the continuation of old Christian, Jewish, Muslim wars. Has anything ever been settled between or among the religious factions who all seem to want control of the world? These talks are about  opening our eyes to a bigger picture of our Meaning and Purpose, which seems very narrow from the human perspective, but has no end when seen through the Eyes of the Soul....

Our present human/Soul state of being and all the problems to be solved on Earth can only proceed peacefully and completely and finally, by knowing WHO WE REALLY ARE....AND WHAT THE MEANING AND PURPOSE OF LIFE HERE AND ELSEWHERE, REALLY IS.

 Much that has been hidden is now being’s all out there for us to partake of...information about both our humanity and our Spirituality.

 Most of what we have known about our Spirituality has been bits of distorted Truth....which of course, no longer computes in the modern, educated mind. What we have in our present financial and political situations worldwide, is a gigantic can of worms. It all has to be cleaned up....

What we have is ancient energy thrashing about....and for the last time....this time the religious and financial controllers of mankind  have seriously overstepped themselves. 

We must understand as much as we can about the current human situations, world wide, and then put both our human and Soul shoulders to the wheel.

 Our efforts are vital not only to our personal well being, but to the survival of Freedom. I’ve said I believe that America embodies a Cosmic Idea of Freedom for all mankind...that is the Meaning of America and Her Purpose and that if America can be saved from destruction planned for her by those who do not want mankind to be free, then there is Hope for the whole world.

 I have strong feelings about this....gained from long years of investigation and Intuition. Thus, I feel the Meaning and Purpose of my Life is to pass some of these Ideas on to those for whom they resonate. And when I speak about money, it is not really about money, per se.....but about a modern Way of Life that is important in mankind’s Evolution and in which, what we call 'money' plays a part.

 Let me say again that the meaning and purpose of money is not in money itself but in how it is used to in a 'creative life' in today’s world it allows us to give free rein to our let the creativity of God expand into the modern life into which we were born. Without 'money' in some form, we cannot function on this Planet at this time.

 So I see money as Solidified Energy and see how it empowers our creativity. But if we are not careful and prudent, it is also the means used to enslave us.

 All this needs thinking about.

 There is much we need to understand. There is much we are never told by those who control our lives. It is our job to learn the facts about ourselves, and for ourselves, Body and Soul.

 It is the same with understanding our Spiritual heritage.

Our true Spiritual heritage is not generally understood yet....almost no one KNOWS WHO HE OR SHE REALLY IS....

almost no one understands the Cosmic Idea of the HUMAN/SOUL RELATIONSHIP or how it functions as a Partnership of man and God through the Soul Connection, which is a Connection to the Christed is man and God working together on Earth.

 Without the understanding of our true Christ Natures we can read all the Scripture, all the how-to books, we can read and study everything that man has ever written to instruct other men....but we can never figure out the Mysteries of Life, until we have an inkling of WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE.... until we understand this Relationship of physical Body and Christed Soul.

I believe there have been times on Earth when this was understood....and Life was lived in that context....perhaps not by everyone...but by some who were keeping the Knowledge alive.

For those not ready to live the whole of the Truth, there simple Spiritual Laws to live by....such as the Ten Commandments....very simple, but necessary human 'laws to live by'... 

But the Good News is that we come now to a time when God has decreed that additional Facets of Truth must again be offered to everyone.... for if we are to move forward into the New Energy, we must survive mankind's  mistakes.

 So we start by understanding the part all have played in today’s confusion and also what has been foisted on the human race by ungodly forces.


 If we wish to do it, Information is being provided this time, if we choose to do it, we can awaken to Greater Truth and take back our lives, Body and Soul.