w e l c o m e  t o  t h e  w o r l d

 o f

A   M  O  D  E  R  N     M  Y  S  T I  C


From my son's garden comes this

beautiful blossom reminding one of the Lotus, the

lily that has for thousands of years symbolized Spiritual Enlightenment.

always representing Spiritual Liberation, the unfolding of Spiritual

Awareness and Consciousness and Divine Perfection expanding within the individual.

 Christís birth among the lilies signified His Purity and thus The Lotus, The Lily has come

to depict the Spark of 'Christ Consciousness' alive and well within the human form.

Today we like to think of It as describing the




placed by The Creator in every human heart.

Thank you....all who are taking time to visit this Website

in whose pages will be offered glimpses of 'Spirituality' as I perceive It from

 a Christ-centered mindset. I ask you to walk with me on Spiritual Pathways that

are part of our human heritage, both the Older,

 as well as the Newer Instruction.

The New Instruction contains information for the Incoming Age

and offers humanity a closer relationship with 'God',

 helping the human recognize its True Identity...its True Purpose.

This is the Time in which we are taught to access....to activate....

 our Immortal Christness...

when we are shown that we are the Hands, Heart and Mind of God in action

on Earth. 

 The focus here is on the more modern, Mystical Applications of Spiritual

 Information and Mystical Insight particularly as Those Ascended taught

It through Guy and Edna Ballard.

All the Information will stress and encourage the practical understanding

 and daily application of 'Concepts of Christness' as given to us two thousand

 years ago ....

that expanded Spirituality that can be achieved within one's daily Life....

with the Hope that 'those Cosmic Ideas' will Strengthen

 each one's Desire to grow and expand 'Godness', Body and Soul.

 At all times the emphasis is on personally experiencing 'Christness' as it works

within and through each individual.



I have defined 'Mystic or Mystical' as describing

 the more personal 'one on one Relationship with God....

   and particularly in our day, as describing Those who wish for more

Knowledge of 'Godness' as it plays its Role within human activity.

        Being ' Mystical' means approaching Life in a Way that utilizes

 one's Christ Power within the Activities of both 'Body and Soul'.

A Mystic is anyone who seeks to "Find, Know and Apply

 the Eternal Truth to one's daily Life".


Why is this important?

Does anyone doubt that the world, humanity,,,,

indeed the entire Planet is going through what appears to be a 'trial by fire'.

Is there any constructive, compassionate person who sees the suffering and chaos

 in so many parts of the Earth who has not asked, 'what can I do to help?'


We can help....each and every one of us. Humanly there is no end to the service

we can give.

We can, through our individual efforts make of Earth a better Place by human

 efforts and by Spiritually developing ourselves, Body and Soul. We can

 consciously integrate the Energy of our own Christ Selves into our daily lives.

 That increased Christ Energy then will make of Earth

a more Peaceful Place....a place where every 'human/Soul Partnership' 'creates

 and lives' in Joy, in Love, and in Freedom.

I believe it is possible to create on Earth One of

 those Transcendent, Spiritual Places, one of those Many Wonderful Mansions

where Spiritualized Man and 'God' create together.


 If enough of us can Believe this and if we will make a real and focused effort,

we will have a positive impact on the many serious conditions and situations

the world faces.

And my Sense is that we may not have limitless time in which to figure this out.

Therefore, I urge all who resonate with this Idea to join me in individually 

Awakening and Activating each one's own very personal God-Potential.


We are privileged to live in this time. We embodied with a responsibility.

 We can make a difference by accepting our Responsibility, Body and Soul.

We can and we must help 'God' solve the problems of this Planet once and for all.


We may ask, 'Who are they who have not seen and yet have believed?'

I 'believe' they are seen in the Heavens as those who ring the

Bell of Freedom and Liberty wherever they abide....

as those who let their Light shine into whatever

 they are doing.

They are those who can be identified by the dash of Spirituality

they add to their human Pilgrimage.


So again, let me Welcome you to this Website.

Thank you for coming this Way.

May God Bless and assist you all to fulfill your Divine


Lois J. Crawford

  'The hour is at hand, when the Great Cosmic Law, which governs this

system of worlds, is releasing a tremendous expansion of the 'Light of the

Mighty I AM Presence'

throughout our group of Planets, and whatever cannot accept the Power of that

'Light' is consumed thereby.  So mankind need no longer fool itself with the idea,

 that it can continue to generate

 destructive feelings and survive. The end of the former dispensation has come,

 and all things are made new. 

 Let him who runs, read-that he may learn the 'Way of Light' while there is yet time.'




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